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Atlas FlyCatcher

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:59 am
by Kazza
Saturday, January 10. 2015

Brilliant product

IMG_0004 (600x800).jpg
Atlas Fly Catcher in action

Purchased on a catalogue special at Aldi's for $4.95. Comes with three sachets of mix. Simply add a sachet with 300 mls of water, mix, and place outside out of strong winds. Instructions say to allow 24 hrs to activate but have found it works quicker than that.

I live in a house with minimal screening and in summer flies are an extremely annoying problem. Not keen on using spray and would be spraying all day if I did. They mainly haunt the kitchen when I'm cooking and using a fly swat can be a health hazard. Plus I walk around bare foot and the thought of standing on dead ones is blah.

Spotted these at Aldi's and thought they were worth a try. Put one at the front and back door. After a day the flies were lining up to get in. Once in they don't appear to be able to get out. Still get flies in the house but nowhere near the magnitude they were.

Once the container is full, empty into the bin, and replace with new sachet.


- Have not found anywhere to get more sachets. Blood and Bone mix in water works ok.
- The smell. As the container starts to fill with bodies, the odour gets stronger. Visitor's thought I had a dead cane toad in the yard. Moved the container further away and problem solved. They were impressed enough to want to buy so the smell wasn't enough to put them off.